Monica Florescu and Makcim Fernandez Samodaiev established in Sibiu in 2015 after getting the positions of soloists at the Sibiu State Philharmonic Orchestra. Their music career led them to establish in Belgium and in Mexico, creating the opportunity to interact with musicians from around the world and perform in festivals and concerts in Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Romania, Cuba and Mexico. They created Spirale Piano Trio –recoreded CD. Created Hyparxis Concerts AC with which Monica and Makcim held concerts in Aalst, Belgium between 2005 -2012. Being devoted chamber music performers they committed themselves to create a series of chamber music concerts in Sibiu that will gather together musicians and friends through the whole year in order to explore and present to the public of Sibiu the vast and endless chamber music repertoire. Parents to three kids, (Karina, Rafaela and Vladimir) Monica Florescu and Makcim Fernandez are aware of the importance that music has in the education and spiritual formation of our children and with this scope they created Florescu-Fernandez & Friends Chamber Music Concerts Series where they encourage parents and relatives to participate with the youngest members of their family and spent together unique moments close to Music.